Big tits at work

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As far as secretary sex is concerned, there are a lot of sex games you can play at the office. You can screw your secretary while she is sitting on the copier and you are standing in front of it, or on your desk, or you can take her from behind everywhere at the office. (And I mean that literally – anal sex is great at work, too.) Well, at least you may fuck your secretary – or the secretary of another guy – everywhere where no one is watching, unless you enjoy the audience and your job is secure enough not to be in danger from the ensuing scandal …

I don't have to be afraid of the scandal that often follows the sex with your secretary in whatever form it takes, because I am the boss; so no one can fire me. But of course I am nevertheless discrete; after all, I am a married man!

But I didn't want to talk about my married life, I wanted to tell you about the sex games you can play at work. You see, I one had this secretary with huge, enormous, gigantic tits. And you know that when there are big tits at work, all men are staring at them; some openly, others discretely. And I, having those super boobs, those swelling melons in front of my very eyes every time she went into my room, which she did quite frequently, stared at them as well. I wasn't much better than my staff in that.

But other than my staff, I got lucky. I don't only see those gigantic tits in severe blouses or decent sweaters, I saw them naked as well. And I felt them. With my hands. With my lips. With my tongue. And with my cock. Because this is one of the versions of secretary sex you can play at the office, at least when you are the boss – tit sex!

Yeah, right – one day I really got to fuck those enormous boobs, while my secretary was kneeling in front of me, her blouse discarded, and her bra as well. But there are lots of other office sex games as well. You want to know more about it? Watch those smoking hot videos!